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We help our clients by choosing the best fonts for book covers that we design...

We have an extensive library of fonts for design. Our current library includes more than 800 fonts.


We will choose the fonts for book covers based on the genre, layout, graphics and our client's preferences. We are always happy to make changes to custom book cover designs as requested. If a font change necessitates a reformatting of the design, particularly in the case of print design blurbs, additional fees may apply. Font changes on premade designs can be made but may change the design service from premade to custom.

We work with one sample design for each project. Our pricing does not include sending several designs with different font choices. We encourage clients to look at existing book covers in their genre to find book cover font styles and types that would be appropriate for their designs. We do not recommend thin fonts, outlined fonts or difficult to read fonts on design. Keep in mind that book covers will be viewed in thumbnail format when considering fonts.


Usage Rights

We use commercial use, royalty-free fonts in all of our work. We cannot, however, distribute these fonts to clients. We are always happy to supply the name of the font used and the link for purchase if it is available. We can also send a copy of the book title as a separate graphic for use on title pages.

Freeware does not always mean that the fonts are permitted for commercial use. Many freeware fonts are intended for personal use only. If your intent is to sell your book, commercial fonts are required.


If you are looking for free commercial use fonts we recommend Font Squirrel.

Font Matching

We will make every effort to match book cover fonts in series or from other books. Usually, if we cannot match a font we will have one that is similar. There are a couple of sources that offer font identification tools: MyFonts, FontSpring and Identifont. Of these we use MyFont's WhatTheFont most frequently and with the greatest success.

We also recommend fonts from:


Creative Market

Please read the terms of use or licensing carefully on all downloaded fonts.

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