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Take great book cover stock images and make them extraordinary!

All of our premade and custom book cover designs are created using royalty-free stock photography with a few exceptions. If you have a commissioned illustration, painting or portrait you would like used on your design please email the artwork and we will let you know if we can work with it.


We are happy to send book cover image suggestions for your design! We assist authors in stock searches for imagery that works proportionately and visually with consideration given to highlights, shadows, camera angles and depth.


We do our book cover stock image searches and purchased on and If you have an alternative royalty-free stock resource that offers large image files we should be able to work with your provider as well but the stock would need to be provided by you.

We cannot distribute artwork, stock or photography to clients. We may be able to give links if our clients are interested in purchasing the artwork for themselves.

Stock Licensing

Royalty-free stock photography is usually offered with standard or exclusive licensing. For the purpose of our design services standard licensing is appropriate. Keep in mind that this means the photo can be purchased and used as many times as the stock provider chooses to sell it. We do, however, design our covers to create a custom look and unique style for each author. If you choose an exclusive image from any provider please read the licensing carefully, some are not as exclusive as the name would suggest.

Most royalty-free stock providers limit print impressions of stock photography, usually between 250,000 and 500,000 impressions. This means that the stock images cannot be printed more than this many times regardless of the medium. Usually digital impressions (as would be the case in ebooks or website art) are not limited. If more copies will be made, an extended/enhanced license would need to be purchased.

Design Limitations

We do not offer custom illustration, hand drawn art or cartooning/caricature. Designs with sensitive material, language or those that are too religious or political in nature may be declined.

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